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Product samples exploding in colorfull dust

3D Printing, metal and plastic parts
for companies in the development phase

Professional prototypes, functional models, small series production and mass production
Prototech is your all-in-one supplier of parts at competitive prices.

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Our production capabilities

With our selection of production options, we are your business partner through all phases of your development project. Are you an established business that has a specific task in mind, or are you a start-up company that is on its way out with your first product - We have a solution for your situation.

3D Printing

3D printed drone

Visual prototypes

  • Iterative process

  • Complex shapes

CNC machined engine part

CNC Machining

Functional models

  • Single piece production

  • Objects in metal

Vacuum casted sports watch

Vacuum casting

Series production

  • Cost-effective series

  • Nice finish

Injection molding

Injection molded computer mouse

+500 parts

  • Low unit price after start-up

  • Large production volume

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In doubt about which production process is the best choice for your project?

Get free advice from one of our engineers.

Danish company in China

Experience the synergy between East and West at Prototech. With our departments in both Shenzhen and Denmark, we deliver tailor-made solutions of the highest quality. Our direct interaction with customers ensures that we deeply understand their needs and can deliver exactly what they require.

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Jack Lee
Caroline Sun
3D Print Specialist
Casper Juhl
Fox Huang
Quality control
Sally Wu
Prod. manager


Read case studies from some of our latest projects. Meet our business partners and hear how they achieve their goals with the help of Prototech.

EWA sensor project case

Sensor housing for
toxic environments

CNC, Injection molding

Femern tunnel model project case

Scale model for Fehmarn
visitor center

3D Printing

Viking life saving equipment project case

Wear cover for MiniChute VEMC System

Vacuum casting

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