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Femern 3D Printed scale model

The centerpiece of the exhibition

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Femern A/S is currently building the world's longest submerged tunnel between Denmark and Germany. Therefore an exhibition center of the large infrastructure project is opening, and Prototech was given the task of 3D printing a 6 square meter model of the working port.

Femern visitor center in Rødbyhavn

3D Printing

The model consists of over 175 individual parts of 3D prints in all sizes. From large plots of land, factory buildings and a train that measures over 1 m in length, to small doors, windows and details that are no more than a few millimeters in thickness.


The model must last for many years and be viewed by many visiting guests. It is therefore important that each part is dimensionally stable and robust. Prototech has been an ongoing consulting partner, and has been able to inform about good construction solutions and possibilities with the SLA material.

Material     SLA Standard

Femern 3D printed parts in many colors
Femern 3D printed model detail picture
3D printed part spraypainted to exact color

Spray painting

Each item is spray painted in colors decided by Femern. Over 30 different colors were used. 

3D printed part spraypainted to exact color

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