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A synergy of East and West

Prototech sets itself apart by offering a unique connection between East and West. With our presence in Shenzhen, China, and our own department and employees, we create a direct link between Danish companies and the dynamic manufacturing world in China's industrial hub. In Denmark, we are centrally located and are happy to go out and be 'on the ground' to understand our customers' needs and projects in depth. This direct interaction gives us insight and understanding of the topics we need to produce, ensuring that we can deliver tailored solutions.


Prototech Denmark

Kochsgade 31 D

5000 Odense


+45 20 73 33 20

Prototech facade.jpg

Prototech Shenzhen

Longteng Industrial Zone

Longteng Street

Longgang District

Shenzhen, China

Production facilities

With over 10 years of experience in production in China, we combine both subcontractors and in-house production. Our customers enjoy the benefits of our well-established network of flexible subcontractors, delivering products of outstanding quality in record time and at prices they could not achieve themselves. We are not tied to specific subcontractors; instead, we assess project by project which ones can best solve the task, and if the need arises, we actively seek new partners.

3D Print machines

3D Printing facilities

Meet the team

Our strong team at Prototech is our most valuable asset. We are a diverse group of dedicated professionals with a common passion for innovation and quality. With our base both in Denmark and China, we leverage our different expertise to deliver the best solutions to our customers. We work hard to meet our customers' needs and always strive to deliver the best service and support.

Casper udvidet.png

Casper Juhl



Sally Wu

Production manager


Jack Lee

Procurement officer


Caroline Sun

3D Print specialist


Fox Huang

Quality Control Manager

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