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Professional 3D Printing

Make quick and cost-effective prototyping a regular part of your product development toolbox.

Check tolerances before production starts and collect reliable data from the end user with realistic prototypes in superb finishes.

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Prototypes in SLA 3D Printing

We offer the most advanced 3D printing technology on the market - Stereolithography (SLA), which brings your ideas to life without compromises. SLA delivers parts with accurate dimensions and a beautiful surface finish. With our department in China dedicated to prototype manufacturing, we can offer SLA 3D prints at highly competitive prices, as well as produce entire parts with large dimensions.

Maximum part dimensions

1700 x 800 x 550 mm

Minimum detail size

Ø 0.1 mm


With our selection of SLA materials, we uncover our customers' requirements for the material's strength and need for creative visual effects.

Prototype print


ABS-like material that allows high detail and smooth surfaces.



Same properties as standard SLA, but with increased material strength.


Udvikling af prototyper

Close to crystal clear material. Can be polished to a shiny finish.



Semi-transparent material for interesting effects.

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Not sure which SLA material to choose? Are you looking for guidance on how to optimize your design for 3D printing? Get free advice from one of our engineers.

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Prototech Quality Standard

To ensure that our parts always meet your specifications, we have implemented effective internal and local quality control systems and protocols.

Finish options

Something that is not talked about in the industry is that 3D printing requires careful finishing to achieve a nice professional result.

We like to talk about this, since for many years we have specialized our production in performing finishes on 3D prints in superb quality.

Spraypainted 3D printed product samples in all colors of the rainbow

All colours

We powder coat all 3D prints in the PMS or RAL color of your choice.

We offer matt, silk-matt or high gloss finishes, so your prototype gets the look you're looking for. 

3D printed parts with serigraphy on it making it look very realistic

For the ultimate experience, we offer to print any illustration on your 3D print.

Add icons, logos and display graphics, and raise your prototype to a whole new level. 


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Do you have questions about any of our finish options? Get in touch and have a non-binding conversation about your project.

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