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Cost-effective Injection Molding for Small Businesses

Whether your business requires components with low or high complexity, in small or large quantities, Prototech offers tailored and cost-effective injection molding solutions to suit your needs.

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Solutions for everyone

Injection molding is often known for its high initial costs, but at Prototech, we specialize in making this production method accessible and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

We understand the importance of keeping costs down and carefully tailor our solutions to your project. This includes optimizing the tooling material and designing the tooling for either single cavity, multi-cavity, or family molds. Additionally, we can also integrate insert molds as needed. All our tools and injection-molded components are produced by our top professional team in China, ensuring competitive prices and quality-assured results.

Injection molding machine size

160 tons

Castings per tool

500 - 300.000

Cast material




Thermoplastic elastomers

EVA, TPU, TPE, Silicone + more

Composite additives

Fiberglass, Kevlar, Talc, Carbon fiber + more

Special molding techniques

We offer multi-component molding techniques for our customers who want

a product with advanced features.

Efterbehandling af 3d print

Over molding

Merge materials and give your part more colors, transparent panes, soft grip areas, etc.

Efterbehandling 3d print

Insert molding

Cast in bolts, bushings, labels etc. and add unique properties to your part.

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Do you have questions about injection molding in general, the choice of material or the special molding techniques? Get in touch and let's have a non-binding conversation about your project.

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Prototech Quality Standard

To ensure that our parts always meet your specifications, we have implemented effective internal and local quality control systems and protocols.

Tool finish

The finish on your injection molding tool dictates the finish on your part.

We offer a variety of finish solutions so that your item is cast just the way you want it.

Injection molded product sample with EDM finish


With EDM you can achieve a wide range of matt surfaces.


Injection molded product sample with polished finish

Achieve very shiny and smooth surfaces that are durable and easy to clean.


Injection molded product sample with

Give your part character with a unique texture, including leather, bubbles, lines etc.

Post processing

If you are looking for a special expression that you cannot achieve directly with injection molding, we offer our expertise in various finishing methods.

Powder coating

Injection molded product sample with spray painted finish

Powder coating of your item in the PMS or RAL color of your choice.


Injection molded product sample with electroplating finish

Give your subject a shiny metallic look with over 48 different color options.

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Are you unsure which finish is best for your project? Get free advice from one of our engineers.

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