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Vacuum casting -
Cost-effective series production

Vacuum casting offers a cost-effective solution for series production of high-quality components, ideal for bringing products quickly to market without significant investments in injection molding tools.

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An intermediate step to mass production

Vacuum casting, also known as polyurethane casting, is a lesser-known but highly advantageous production method that particularly appeals to small and medium-sized businesses. This method offers a cost-effective series production of plastic components where both small and large parts, as well as high complexity, pose no challenge. Vacuum casting is a method that requires a lot of manual work, and with our dedicated department in China, we have a unique opportunity to offer this at extremely competitive prices.

Maximum part dimensions

1200 x 800 x 800 mm

Minimum detail size

Ø 1 mm




Popular and versatile material with a nice surface finish.

Acrylic / PMMA-like

Stiff and crystal clear material that is resistant to UV.


White or transparent material with high impact resistance.


Soft flexible material with many uses.

Nylon / PA

Durable self-lubricating material often for industrial items.


Cost-effective and durable material that comes in many colors.


Material for 'high performance' items that require high strength and dimensional stability.

2 - 3 Component casting

Is one material or one color not enough? With 2-3 component casting, we can produce even the most complex items exactly as you want it.

exploded view of a vacuum casted sports watch
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Do you have questions about vacuum casting, choice of material or 2-3 component casting? Get in touch and let's have a non-binding conversation about your project.

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Prototech Quality Standard

To ensure that our parts always meet your specifications, we have implemented effective internal and local quality control systems and protocols.

Finish options

Set your product up for success and give your item just the right look with our selection of finish options.

Spraypainted productsample

Powder coating

We offer professional powder coating of your item in the PMS or RAL color of your choice. Choose between matt, silk-matt or high gloss finish.


Electroplated product samples in a wheel of metallic colors

Transform the look of your parts with a chrome, black chrome, silver, gold, rose gold finish. Choose between 48 different metallic colors.

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Are you unsure which finish is best for your project? Get free advice from one of our engineers.

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