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Comprehensive Quality Assurance

While we prioritize fast delivery, we never compromise on quality. Our comprehensive quality control process ensures that each product meets our high standards. From the selection of raw materials to final inspection, every stage is carefully monitored and checked. We are here to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, and that can only be achieved by always delivering parts that not only meet customer expectations but exceed them.

Data Sheets

All Materials

Our comprehensive material data sheets provide detailed insights into the properties and specifications of the materials used.

Dimension Inspection Report

All parts

Our dimension inspection report ensures accurate measurements of the item's dimensions and documents compliance with tolerances.

Inspection Report

CNC Machined parts

Using advanced 3D measuring equipment, you get a detailed and highly accurate analysis of the item's geometric dimensions.

Spectrometer test


Our material spectrometry test identifies the exact material of the item, ensuring uniformity and reliable material properties.

Shore Measurements


Our Shore measurements provide accurate determination of the material's hardness and elasticity.

Color Matching Documentation

All powder coated parts

Our color matching documentation includes a detailed report and images documenting that the desired PMS or RAL colors have been achieved.

Roughness Test

CNC Machined parts

By measuring texture, smoothness, and surface quality, we ensure that the item's surface meets customer specifications.

Diameter Test

CNC Machined parts

Our hole/diameter test ensures the accuracy of all holes and diameters.

Thread Test
with Plug Gauges

CNC Machined parts

Using plug gauges, we test that all threads are machined correctly and meet customer specifications.

Documentation Behind Every Check

We know that trust is the key to a good partnership. Therefore, Prototech offers comprehensive documentation behind every inspection process. Upon request, our customers can access detailed reports and test protocols confirming the quality of their items.

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Report example.png
Report example.png

Quality Control Facilities

For us, a product is only as good as its ability to meet the specifications. Therefore, we have established a comprehensive quality control process that utilizes some of the industry's most advanced machinery and measuring equipment.

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