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EWA Sensor on a rotary engine

Motor diagnostics in the depths

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EWA launches their new product - A sensor for rotary motors that must work in the most extreme conditions. Deep under water and in dangerous chemicals.

Water treatment plant where the EWA Sensor is operating

CNC machining

The sensor's housing is milled from top quality stainless steel, which is particularly resistant to acid and chlorine-containing liquids.

The sensitive sensor and its advanced electronics must be kept waterproof at a depth of more than 10 m. The housing is therefore milled with the greatest precision so that the surfaces are completely uniform.

Material     Aisi 316

EWA Sensor being machined with CNC milling
Injection molded parts for the EWA Sensor

Injection molding

Cable guides, gaskets and panes for indicator lights are small custom-made plastic components inside the sensor. Based on EWA's priorities, we were able to advise them that injection molding was the best production method for this project. 

Materials     ABS V0, PMMA, Silicone

Electroplated EWA Sensor parts

Post processing

The housing was glass blasted to add a uniform and exclusive look to the product. Some parts for the sensor's housing were electropolished to provide contrast to the sensor's matte surface.

The sensor's technical specifications were laser engraved along the edge of the housing.

An elegant dark version of the housing was made with electroplating and white laser engraving, which EWA wanted to use for a new product range.


Glass blasted

Laser engraving



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