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Viking life raft

When there is no room for error

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Viking is the world's largest supplier of maritime evacuation systems.

With Prototech as a partner, we have been able to upgrade the VEMC MiniChute System, with cost-effective wear covers that ensure Vikings well known reliable and intuitive use.

Viking VEMC evacuation system

Vacuum casting

Prototech has advised Viking to use vacuum casting as the ideal production method, based on their desire to produce quality plastic items in a series of 20 units.


Hei-Cast 8150 is a modern polyurethane material that offers ABS-like quality. It is highly resistant to wear and tear, and offers superb dimensional stability, which made it an ideal choice for this product.

Material     Hei-Cast 8150

Vacuum casted parts for Viking
Many vacuum casted parts for Viking
Finished vacuum casted parts being mounted to evacuation system

Prototech has been involved as a sparring partner during the design process, and has been able to recommend hollowing out many of the parts and adding internal ribs. This has resulted in a strong product with a significant saving in production costs.

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